What Tasks Should You Assign To Your Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants Can Add Value Across the Board

The numbers are rising and the outlook for businesses looks positive. The use of virtual assistants are growing rapidly, and the increasing demand is expanding the skillsets of virtual assistants available to businesses in a variety of industries. From bookkeeping to online research, from calendar management to social media and beyond, businesses are reaping the benefits (time savings, money savings, increased productivity, reduced overhead and more). It is time to consider engaging with a virtual assistant.

So what are the tasks you can outsource in your line of work? Let’s take a look at some ideas, based on your industry:

Real Estate

  • Calendar Management: With so many options in online calendar sharing technology, entrust your virtual assistant to schedule client appointments, property showings, coordinate closings between parties and manage your personal commitments, as well. By building a relationship with your VA, your time management will improve, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • Social Media: Turn the time-consuming, yet undeniably valuable, task of updating your social media outlets with property listings, open house schedules, closing announcements and other promotional items. The hours you can shave from your workday taking care of social media can result in increased sales and profits, while your social media presence thrives.


  • Online Research: No one understands the value of client prospect and potential candidate research more than you do. The time investment involved, however, can take chunks of valuable time out of your workweek. Time that you should be meeting with actual clients and placing current candidates. When you turn this over to your virtual assistant – after clearly defining the parameters – your virtual assistant can drive placements that far outweigh his or her salary.
  • Desktop Publishing/Finishing Touches: Let’s face it – as a recruitment specialist, your strengths are dealing with people on a personal level, whether client or candidate. You know your industry and you know when you have the right “fit” for both parties. Negotiating the details is your strong point. When it comes to digital presentations, however, you hit a brick wall. Enter your virtual assistant. Turn this task over to your VA and rest assured, your personal, professional polish will shine through in your digital presentation.


  • Bookkeeping: As a marketer, you are focused on metrics. You are focused on messaging. You are focused on adding value to your clients. In running your business, however, you have to be focused on accounts receivables and accounts payables, as well. While an integral part of your business, these are not the tasks you set out to perform when starting your business. This is the perfect scenario to enlist the help of a virtual assistant. By outsourcing these administrative tasks to your VA, you are able to focus on what you love, what you live for, and what your clients entrust you to do for them: drive their business forward.
  • Organization: This can include organizing your calendar, organizing your database, organizing your LinkedIn contacts and more. That’s just it: when you have a virtual assistant, you can depend upon him or her (or the whole team of VAs, depending upon your needs) to take care of keeping you and your business organized. Given the amount of time your VA can put back into your day, your clients will reap event greater benefits from your focus. And so will your business.

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