Who is Using Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

If you’re thinking about how recruit process outsourcing could work for your business, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is “Who else is using recruitment process outsourcing?” Our infographic below outlines the regions of the world in which RPO is more common, and it highlights the major growth that has occurred.

While RPO recruitment is still a relatively new service at about 15 years old, it is maturing as the demands of companies and solutions from RPO providers evolve.

According to the Everest Group’s 2015 Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment, $2.04 billion dollars in new RPO deals were completed in 2014 and the market grew by 13%.

North America is leading the way in global outsourcing, followed by Europe, Asia and Latin America. Everest Group’s Report also found that the global healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest industry verticals to utilize RPO solutions, with about 17% of companies surveyed choosing to outsource their recruiting. This is an industry that faces a massive mismatch between the demand and supply of talent in specialized roles, and RPO providers are solving that challenge.