What to Do Before You Start Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What to Do Before You Start Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You’ve decided that you’re interested in connecting with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider. Before moving forward with a provider, we recommend doing the following things:

Define Desired Results
The first and most important step is to define your organization’s desired results. Clearly communicate your company’s needs and be as specific as possible. What would a successful process look like? What are your business’s immediate, and long-term goals? How can an RPO company assist in meeting the company’s strategic objectives? Take time to determine how you will measure the outcomes prior to getting started.

Get Executive Buy-In
With your desired objectives decided, you will want to get buy-in from your executives. It is imperative that you have the top leaders of your organization on board with your plan. Prepare all the necessary data you will need to state your case. Explain to the leadership what the plan is, how it will be executed, and how results will be measured and evaluated. You may also want to provide them with a time period for reevaluation.

Consider Compatibility
For the collaboration between your team and the RPO services provider to be successful, you will need to consider the compatibility of the two sides. Without a true connection between the RPO company and your organization, the efforts to acquire quality hires for your organization will be difficult or impossible to achieve. It is important to think through how the sides fit together. How will an RPO company like Noon Dalton fit in with your team? How well do they match with your organization’s mission and values? What would you determine was a fruitful collaboration?

If you’re interested in how to start recruitment process outsourcing, learn more about Noon Dalton’s recruitment process outsourcing services.