Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Though it may sometimes seem that way, all the good employees are not already taken. Perhaps you just can’t find them, and some prefer it that way.

It’s even worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack. Today’s top employee prospects aren’t necessarily hanging out on Internet job boards, or for that matter, even on online professional networks. Many aren’t even looking for a job. The best recruiters know that they have to lure top talent away from where they’re working now.

Complicating the effort is that you need to approach the search from a cost-effective standpoint. Recruitment for most larger organizations has become a numbers game – it’s a systematic search to generate a continuous stream of potential candidates. The tools may be high tech, but the cost must remain low. And this part of the search has to be done before you bring in well-compensated people with extensive recruitment experience to make contact with candidates. The groundwork may be time-consuming, but it doesn’t require specialized skills.

That’s what makes virtual assistants perfect for this activity. They have the skills to build resume databases, research candidates, and process applications. Many VAs choose to specialize in the area of recruitment process outsourcing and a nearly nonexistent learning curve means you’ll welcome a seasoned, focused search professional to your recruitment team immediately.

Shouldn’t your own HR department do this? That’s your choice, but it’s much like buying a new car because you got a flat tire. Much of the initial recruiting process is only an administrative activity. It’s intelligence gathering, sorting, and preparation. This is not an efficient use of your company’s internal resources.

Your human resources professionals have an important responsibility. They are there to interface between management and the workforce. Employee costs continue to rise. Shouldn’t your HR team focus on activities that contribute value and increase productivity?

Your virtual recruiters can assume responsibility for preliminary screening. They’ll select candidates that meet the requirements of the position. They can contact these candidates, and even conduct preliminary interviews to shortlist selections. The virtual approach to finding leads and candidates can be accomplished without taking away time from in-house recruiters or an HR department.

In addition, outsourcing recruitment is scalable. RPO programs ramp up or wind down quickly with no repercussions to your organization. Jobs are no longer dependent on the whims of the economy and your overhead quickly adapts to the nature of your business.

We’ll connect you with the experts to find and screen the qualified talent you need—and we do it for less.


We might have started this business to support ourselves, but now we have provided Virtual Assistants to support over 687 businesses worldwide. Here’s what they have to say about outsourcing to Noon Dalton.

I have been using Noon-Dalton VAs for over a year and the experience has exceeded my expectations. Whether they are handling a personal task such as researching yacht charters or conducting market research for an important client, they have always delivered the desired results. Just like having your assistant across the hall, the better direction and input you give, the better the end result. Using Noon Dalton has allowed us to save tens of thousands of dollars per year while still maintaining consistent levels of service.

Andrew Wahl
Andrew WahlWahlrich Group LLC

“I am pleased to announce that two of our recent placements including the search for a VP of Operations, (the largest fee our firm will collect this year) are a direct result of this teams work. They do excellent work in a timely fashion and communicate in a friendly, cooperative manner. My biggest surprise was to find out that they are both task and solution-oriented. ”

DanContinental Search

“I highly recommend Noon Dalton services. I am very pleased with the services that Nick Patterson and Roy Wilson the team I worked with, provided and with the professionalism of the Noon Dalton staff overall. The support services that were provided were top notch both in terms of quality and amount of work produced. The pricing for Noon Dalton is reasonable and the flexibility of the team is excellent. I would recommend Noon Dalton to anyone who is looking for an excellent and reputable outsourcing firm.”

CynthiaJ.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.

I own four bars in Manhattan and last year was seeking a way to build a Facebook page for the rebranding of one of our bars. Not only has my Noon Dalton Virtual Assistant managed every step of the setup, friend requests, and posting, he is also very good at assisting with many repetitive activities that I or my bar manager used to have to do. I would highly recommend using Noon Dalton for any small business owner who wants to implement new technology activities that need to be done every day but not necessarily done by you personally.

Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop

“We began with one VE and found this resource to be competent and committed to both completing our requested tasks (as requested) and to improving his capacity to add value. We had not anticipated this level of proactivity and it has served us well. In addition, the quality review and supervisory follow-up has been exceptional.”

DavidOdgers Berndtson

“I wanted to take a moment to say how incredibly pleased we are with your services. We are a staffing agency that has been servicing the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. Our “employee” is quick, efficient and needs very little direction. Things that are quite important in the recruiting world. Adding your help, has taken a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Using Noon Dalton, is like hiring a TEAM of people to drive our business forward!”

HeidiClinical Dynamics Inc.

Our latest management team meeting revealed that our top minds were spending an inefficient amount of time on repetitive tasks which meant we needed an immediate solution that also respected our lean cost structure.  Noon Dalton had virtual assistants for each of our management team assigned and completing administrative tasks within a week, all for less than the cost of one new hire!  I was most impressed that Noon Dalton acted as a true partner company, understood our unique challenges, and was able to seamlessly implement a solution with minimal discovery time.  I highly recommend working with Noon Dalton if you are looking to reduce stress in your organization

Dione Spiteri
Dione SpiteriUS Appraisal Group

Our Noon Dalton Virtual Assistant has driven enormous value for Myriad Tech Solutions. He has enabled us to greatly expand our marketing efforts while at the same time freeing up our business development people to focus on client-facing activities. We were very impressed that Noon Dalton took the time to learn our business and helped us find ways to get the greatest value out of our Virtual Assistant.

Andrew Fisher
Andrew FisherMyriad Tech Solutions

Noon Dalton is an excellent company that has really introduced me to an entire new way of doing business. The way the company is structured to minimize the impact of turnover, or new employees gives me comfort as a business owner that normal tasks that would fall to me, don't have to. The virtual employee was always prompt, always communicative and friendly, and there was always progress and task reports that really help to manage various projects. And the flexibility of their service contracts and different levels is why I will always use Noon Dalton for my Virtual Employee work. I highly recommend Noon Dalton

Sean Greco
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