RPO Provider Comparison Sheet
Industry-Specific A good idea if your organization constantly recruits in only one area, such as call center personnel or IT for the Cloud. May not have the connections or resources to help if you need to fill a position unlike any you’ve used the RPO to help with previously
Integration with Your Firm RPOs who offer this are able to offer you full-service support. Their staff integrates with your resources. Possible extra work caused by incompatible systems if the RPO isn’t capable of full support.
Range of Services If you are in a highly-regulated industry, your RPO provider choice should be able to take care of compliance, tracking, and audit reports. May resort to sending you marginal candidates who haven’t been properly vetted.
International Hiring Has a demonstrable track record for successful placement from countries that offer talent matching your needs. Possible obstacles caused by their unfamiliarity with country-specific labor laws. Language barriers.
Flexibility Can this RPO provider show they’ve customized their services to provide solutions for unique needs? Rigid requirements, or a rigid scope of deliverable services can hinder the quick “outside the box” thinking that fosters innovation.
Client longevity Longstanding relationships with clients not only demonstrate quality service, but it also shows that the RPO is responsive and keeps up with the constant changes in the recruitment industry. Clients will not retain an RPO provider that’s not capable of delivering results. Unfortunately, the switch can be an expensive proposition.
Strategic Successful RPO providers have identified and established a specific strategy they pursue that serves as the foundation of their success. It’s difficult to sustain results for clients when you have a reactionary approach to recruitment.
Focused Is the RPO provider aligned with your objectives? Even more important, are you aligned with theirs? It’s a good fit when both establish that the priority and focus is efficiency. Be suspicious of an RPO provider that promotes only its cost-saving benefits.
Branding Understands that your company must develop a reputation that acts like a brand in terms of communicating to candidates what it’s like to work there. Doesn’t maintain relationships with candidates identified and contacted on your behalf.

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