What Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Includes

What Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Includes

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides a valuable service in a time of high competition for candidates. An experienced, reputable RPO company like Noon Dalton will work effectively with your organization and provide full service activities from the beginning to the end of the recruitment cycle. Our RPO-focused virtual employees will provide consistency to your talent acquisition strategy in each of the following areas:

Sourcing: Your RPO will find qualified candidates for your open requisitions.

Engagement: This element is critical to the candidate experience. Your virtual employee will keep candidates updated and informed throughout the process in a manner that fits into your organization’s overall branding strategy and provides a positive image. The RPO services team will also interact and engage your hiring managers.

Screening, Interviewing & Assessing: Application review, interviewing and candidate assessments are all tasks that can be outsourced to your RPO company. Your virtual employee will review applications and conduct interviews with only the most qualified, promising candidates. These team members are trained to determine which candidates have the best chance of success with your organization. Detailed feedback on these steps will be provided to the hiring manager to assist in decision-making.

Offer & Pre-Employment: Recruitment process outsourcing companies will extend offers to your selected candidate and arrange and monitor all required pre-employment tasks to completion.

Start Date: As the recruitment winds down, your virtual employee can continue to communicate with the new hire and provide start date information, in addition to responding to any questions leading up to their first day.