How Does Noon Dalton Stack Up to the Outsourcing Competition?

“All outsourcing companies basically do the same thing, right?” If that comes across as a rhetorical question, you’ll want to look at the comparison table below. It’s true: many organizations in this space operate so similarly that the only distinguishing factor about them is their name. They’re in in a race to commoditize themselves. We approach things differently. Here’s how we do it.

Noon Dalton Other Companies
Overall Approach Customizable solutions based on client requirements. We deliver what you need, and what we can deliver effectively. Standard programs that often require a company to modify certain business operations. Overpromise services.
Success Measurement Value added. Efficiency gained. Expenses removed.
Training All training sessions are recorded and documented. Clients will never have to repeat the process. Cross-training for backups. Usually requires extensive time investment, necessary to repeat if further training is required or a virtual assistant leaves the company.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) A cultivated team of VAs who choose to specialize in this area. Focused search professional. “Build a database of candidates for you” approach.
eCommerce Services Virtual customer service efficiency measurement based on qualitative metrics such as customer satisfaction scores. Efficiency measurements based on quantitative elements, such as number of phone calls answered per hour.
Real Estate Assistants Carefully researched list of 50 tasks VAs can assume to increase sales efficiency. General administrative assistance approach.
Business Owner Services Talented VAs who return time and amplify the in-house talent of your employees. VAs with general skills best suited for low-level administrative tasks.
Voice Telemarketing Partnerships with full-service, brand-focused overseas centers able to scale based on client needs. Language proficiency
Process Excellence A library of case studies that document best practices which can be shared and applied for nearly 700 clients worldwide. Solicited testimonials.

There are two distinct ways to approach outsourcing. Most companies look at it from a reductive standpoint. Their value proposition is how much money they can save you by either helping you reduce staffing or avoiding hiring more employees. We prefer to help our clients “rightsource.”

You’ve already got great employees. With our help, you can increase their efficiency by allowing them to focus on adding to your business by taking care of their administrative tasks. Contact us today and find out how virtual employees can help you innovate by doing things better, faster, and for less money.