Learn the benefits of hiring a virtual administrative assistant to handle your lead generation efforts.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of many businesses.  The problem is that dedicating the necessary resources to lead generation in the face of all of the other responsibilities that go into running a business can become extremely difficult.

By utilizing a virtual administrative assistant, organizations are able to continue, or even scale up their lead generation efforts without having to dedicate in-house staff to these tasks.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, using a Noon Dalton Resource for Lead Generation may be exactly what you need.

Lead Generation Tasks Perfect for Virtual Administrative Assistants 

  • Lead collection – To reach out to potential leads you obviously need to have a database of prospects.  Most companies simply purchase leads in bulk from list building services.  The problem with this approach is that you never know how fresh your leads really are.  By utilizing a virtual assistant you can develop your own database to ensure that you’re using the latest and most up to date contact information for each of your leads.
  • Email outreach –Does much of your outreach occur over email?  If so, you can utilize virtual resources to reach out to contacts via email to start the conversation about your products or services.  You can provide your virtual resource with detailed instructions including specific email copy to use when reaching out to potential leads.
  • Email management – Virtual assistants can also monitor your email to qualify leads and only pass on information that seems pertinent based on specifications that you have outlined.
  • Social media tasks –Another way that many businesses are gaining customers is via social media.  It’s important in today’s fast paced business world to be active on social media.  If you or anyone on your team doesn’t have experience with social media a virtual assistant can be of great assistance.  Keep all of your social media profiles up to date without having to shift someone’s focus to this often time consuming task.
  • Lead tracking –Reaching out to a handful of leads is one thing, but keeping track of each lead individually can be quite time consuming.  With a virtual assistant you can ensure that each interaction with every lead is tracked methodically to ensure accuracy.  Many virtual assistants are well versed in CRM solutions that can make lead tracking relatively easy.
  • Online research –Are you interested in pursuing a new product or service?  Researching the viability of new initiatives can be extremely time consuming and will likely take you away from your primary job duties.  By working with a virtual assistant you can handoff these research tasks and only make a decision about whether to pursue this new initiative after analyzing the detailed information provided by your virtual resource. 

Interested in Boosting Your Lead Generation Efforts? 

If your lead generation efforts aren’t producing the results that you would like, why not give the experts at Noon Dalton a call today to setup a free consultation about using virtual administrative assistants?  Our sales team can be reached via email at sales@www.noondalton.com or phone at 877-820-6522.