Security should be constantly on the minds of recruiters utilizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in their business.

With data breaches regularly appearing in the news, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to ensure that they’re securing their company data as well as the data of their customers and/or clients.

Security Concerns for Recruiters

Recruiters who are utilizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) must ensure that their recruitment data is always kept secure. Virtual Resources often have access to job boards and extremely sensitive employee information, which if placed in the wrong hands could pose significant problems.

Recruiting companies should always interview prospective Virtual Staffing agencies to ensure the latest security measures are in place.

As one of the best virtual assistant companies, Noon Dalton takes security seriously for all of our clients, especially those that deal with sensitive data like Recruiters.  We take security so seriously that we’ve developed a comprehensive set of security policies and procedures to ensure that our client data is always protected.

Noon Dalton Security Policies and Procedures

  • Entrance System – We utilize fingerprint authentication at our entrance to ensure that only approved individuals are allowed to enter our facility.
  • Employees –All Noon Dalton Virtual Employees are required to sign confidentiality as well as Non-Disclosure agreements that forbid any client data from being used outside our facility.  All Virtual Resources also must pass a robust background check that is managed by an outside, third party company.
  • Data Security –No DVD’s, USB drives, CD’s or hard drives can be brought in by Noon Dalton employees.  A professional security agency also manually frisks each employee before they enter our facility.
  • Surveillance System –Security cameras are positioned throughout the office to monitor activities and movements of employees.
  • Encrypted Connection to Client Servers –Connection to each client server is handled via a secure VPN tunnel with 128-bit encryption.
  • Compliance – Noon Dalton employs a dedicated Compliance Office that ensures our strict compliance procedures are adhered to and updated regularly.
  • Servers & Workstations –Sophisticated routers are used to block HTTP, FTP and TCP/IP traffic.  All Data Entry Workers only have access to a Linux Operating System from which they remotely access Noon Dalton servers.  These servers are monitored 24/7 by our security personnel.  This way all of our clients’ data is secure and we can easily track exactly what each Virtual Employee is working on at any time.

Interested in Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Your Recruiting Company? 

If you think you could benefit from Virtual Resources but are worried about security concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Noon Dalton today.  As you can see, we have robust security policies in place to ensure that your data will always be protected.  For more information, contact Noon Dalton Recruitment Services today at 1-877-820-6522.