Learn how lead generation and data mining can be an integral part of your company’s future growth.

At Noon Dalton, we’re often asked the question of whether lead generation and data mining are still viable ways to grow a business.  While this is a complicated question and obviously depends on the methods used, we think that if implemented correctly these marketing methods can pay huge dividends.

Where can I find the time to handle lead generation and data mining?

As with anything when it comes to growing a business, success often comes down to finding the time to devote to the necessary task.  As businesses grow the amount of available time for various tasks becomes smaller and smaller.

At Noon Dalton we offer ways to offload much of the often-monotonous work of lead generation and data mining, including outsourcing data entry.  We staff a large team of Virtual Assistants that have significant marketing experience to help you bring in leads and build out your database of potential contacts.  By offloading this work to a Virtual Employee you no longer have to worry about the high cost of bringing on full time hires to handle marketing tasks that may or may not exist year round.  This is especially true if your business is seasonal in nature.

How can I use lead generation and data mining in my business?

The reality is that if a business isn’t growing it’s being left behind.  No matter what industry you’re in, you likely have competitors that are spending significant resources marketing their services to help grow their businesses.  If you’ve been able to coast along for years without doing additional marketing that’s great, but those days are likely numbered.

No matter the size of your business you can benefit from lead generation.  Below are just a few of the ways that we’ve helped our clients grow their businesses through lead generation and data mining.

  • Email Outreach – When marketing your business do you spend a significant amount of time reaching out to potential leads via email with the same message?  If so you can train a Virtual Resource to handle this workflow and allow you to focus your time on other tasks.
  • Data Collection –If you’re regularly reaching out to new leads you obviously need to have a database that is constantly growing.  Most companies will simply buy bulk lists that may be used by hundreds of other companies.  In these instances it’s difficult to know how fresh these leads actually are.  With a Virtual Employee you can create your own database of fresh leads that you don’t have to share with anyone.
  • Lead Tracking –While consistently reaching out to leads is important, tracking these leads is likely even more crucial to the growth of your business.  The last thing you want to do is reach out to a contact multiple times who has already indicated a lack of interest in your product or service.  This costs you time and money.  By leveraging a virtual resource you can use a CRM to track each and every lead to know exactly how well your marketing efforts are actually working.

Ready to Learn More About Data Mining and Lead Generation from a Top Outsourcing Company? 

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