Business Process Outsourcing Success Story: Dave Bacon

Dave Bacon is the owner of BWBacon Group, a leading technical recruiter with a special focus on career opportunities in the Denver metro area. While he finds it a blessing that so many people need BWBacon’s services on the client side, one of his biggest challenges was finding these people. Dave turned to Noon Dalton to help BWBacon Group with identifying, sourcing and helping them to service people that they couldn’t find through their own means.

In the beginning Dave was apprehensive about turning to an offshore outsourcing company to outsource the recruiting and sourcing function within his company. His confidence increased when his virtual employee grasped almost immediately what they were asking of him, as well as how BWBacon Group does things distinctively. This was a big deal for Dave, because he states that “in the absence of execution with his clients, he has nothing.” Working with people who execute is essential, and Noon Dalton stood out because our team came in with an obvious model for execution. Immediately Dave’s Noon Dalton Virtual Employee began delivering, and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

Getting Started with a Business Outsourcing Company

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