Business Process Outsourcing Success Story: Dan Oates

Business Process Outsourcing Success Story: Dan Oates

Dan Oates is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner at The Newburgh Group, a locally owned franchise of the Management Recruiters International Network. Dan specializes in the recruitment of highly qualified talent for quality manufacturing companies throughout the world, with a strong emphasis on automotive. He recruits and places high impact people in every department of manufacturing plants and headquarters.

After using other recruitment processing outsourcing services with marginal success, Dan began working with Noon Dalton hoping to see better results. His story is one of our favorite RPO success stories! Watch our video below to hear what Dan had to say about his outsourcing experience so far.

According to Dan, the key benefit of hiring an outsourcing company is that he can go look for candidates online while he works on the passive candidates. As a result, there has been more contact with candidates than before.

Dan enjoys that through working with his virtual employees, they now know exactly what he’s looking for, and he doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel. He appreciates that Noon Dalton is so committed to customer service, stating that it had made a huge difference for him and his business objectives.

Getting Started with a Recruitment Outsourcing Company

With over 20 years as business owners, Noon Dalton has provided business process outsourcing and recruitment process outsourcing services to over 687 of businesses worldwide. Not sure if offshore outsourcing is right for you? Give us just five minutes of your time, and we will help you figure out what you need and determine whether our professional virtual assistant services are a match for the tasks you can outsource.

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