Learn how ATS solutions can make your executive recruiting efforts much more efficient.

At Noon Dalton we have clients from all different industries, but one of the areas where we specialize is executive recruitment services.  Recruiting is a very data intensive industry and it’s therefore extremely important to keep track of this data and keep it organized.  For this reason our team of virtual assistants are very well versed in a variety of the top ATS solutions used by recruiters.

What is an ATS?

If you’re not using an ATS as an integral part of your recruiting efforts you’re likely missing out.  An ATS is an Applicant Tracking System that recruiters use, which is similar to a CRM and allows companies to track candidates throughout the entire hiring process.  ATS solutions are geared specifically towards recruiters whereas CRMs are more general in nature and used by businesses of all types.

Popular Types of ATS Solutions

While we have experienced implementing ATS solutions of all types for our clients a few of our most popular are:

  • BigBiller
  • BullHorn
  • Zoho
  • PCRecruiter 

What if my team is already using an ATS?

If your team is already using an ATS this is no problem.  Chances are that your team may not be utilizing all of the different features within your ATS that can make your recruiter’s jobs much easier.  When working with a virtual staffing agency you can let your team focus on more difficult tasks and allow virtual assistants to handle much of the management, organization and population of your ATS.  This way your existing employees won’t have to do as much data entry work yet your ATS will still remain populated and accurate.

Challenges of managing an ATS without experience

  • Organization – If you’ve never set up an ATS before you may think that you’re doing it correctly when in reality your overcomplicating the situation.  This can lead to major issues down the road where your data is not organized and accurate and therefore your team members will no longer want to use it.
  • Time –Effectively managing an ATS takes time, which unfortunately in today’s fast paced world isn’t at a premium.  This is especially the case with recruitment services.  With a virtual assistant managing your ATS you can allow your employees to focus on tasks that generate income as opposed to the more menial tasks required to properly populate an ATS.
  • Defining the Processes –Another strength of bringing in a team with ATS experience is that they’ll likely understand the best processes to implement to get the most value out of an ATS.  Without experience you may find yourself focusing on aspects of the ATS that turn out to not be very beneficial to your company as a whole.
  • Choosing the ATS Solution –Another challenge if you’ve never used an ATS before is determining which solution meets your needs.  By working with a virtual staffing agency that specializes in ATS management you can rely on their expertise when choosing a software solution. 

Interested in learning more about Noon Dalton Executive Recruitment Services?

At Noon Dalton we’ve helped countless recruiting companies with their ATS management.  Feel free to give our sales team a call today if you think you could benefit from an ATS solution, outsourced executive recruitment services, or if your current solution simply isn’t working out.