Virtual SecretaryAdministrative & General Office Support

Anything your secretary or office assistant can do can be outsourced.  Examples include:

  • Managing your emails and determining which ones need your urgent attention
  • Managing your appointments and meetings including reminders or wake-up calls
  • Handling and attending to your voice mail messages
  • Transcribing minutes of your meetings
  • Managing and maintaining databases
  • Searching for the best and cheapest places for your online shopping needs, ordering for you, and handling delivery
  • Contacting customer service numbers to settle anything on your behalf
  • Planning trips, scheduling flights, and booking accommodation and rental cars
  • Doing web-based research for you
Concierge Services 
Virtual AssistanceSales & Marketing Support

We can handle all aspects of the sales process including:  

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Database maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Follow up calls or emails to prospects
  • Any other part of the sales process you define
Email Management 
Virtual AssistantsOnline Marketing Services

Managing all those social media accounts can be daunting and extremely time consuming.  Let our VAs manage the entire process while at the same time driving traffic to your site including:

  • Creating and managing your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter
  • Moderating comments made on your blog to make sure they don’t violate your rules or defame
  • Moderating your forum and be an active participant
  • Moderate web activity and provide intelligent reporting
Virtual Office Assistant
Virtual Assistant ServicesSpecial Projects
  • Create and customize any project for your VA that can be completed in between your more urgent requests.
Hire a Virtual Assistant