Virtual Administrative AssistantNoon Dalton specializes in providing college educated, skilled Virtual Employees (VEs/VAs) to businesses throughout the United States looking to reduce their hiring costs while also improving businesses productivity. Noon Dalton VEs provide professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients while operating from remote locations across the globe.

Virtual Employees offer many advantages over conventional hiring, including the elimination of employee-related taxes, insurances and benefits, as well as less tangible improvements such as decreased office space usage and the ability to create entire teams of qualified VEs ONLY for the lifespan of a specific project.

When you use Noon Dalton as your source for qualified VEs, you’ll be choosing an industry leader. You’ll receive all of the benefits and lose all of the associated baggage of conventional hiring processes.  Some benefits include:

  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Retaining complete control
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Compliance issues handled 
  • College educated employees

Noon Dalton VEs help level the playing field for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking for that extra edge over their competitors. Our cost-effective rates mean savings of up to 70% over hiring a comparable employee to complete the same work. Also, our employees are located across the globe so they can be working even when your business is closed for the night.

With over 10 years of outsourcing and consultancy experience, when you choose Noon Dalton for your Virtual Employee outsourcing solutions, you’re not just getting great employees; you’re gaining a partner who values your businesses success as much as you do.